The Creatives -

  1. The person(s) who establish, maintain, and preserve the culture professionally.


A creative is an artist. Not just a painter or musician or writer. She is someone who sees the world a little differently than others.

A creative is an individual. He is unique, someone who doesn’t quite fit into any box. Some think of creatives as iconoclasts; others see them as rebels. Both are quite apt.

A creative is a thought leader. He influences people not necessarily through personality but through his innate gifts and talents.

A creative creates art. Not to make a buck, but to make a difference. She writes to write, not to be noticed or to sell books. She sings to sing, for the pure joy of making music. And she paints to paint. (And so on…)

A creative colors outside the lines. On purpose. In so doing, she shows the world a whole new picture they never would have otherwise seen.

A creative breaks the rules. And as a result, he sets a new standard to follow.

Creatives are needed in positions of influence — to color the world with beauty and life.

Creatives craft poetry in a world that is otherwise content with prose. They bring art to areas where there is only architecture.

Creatives help us see life in a new light — to perceive a new dimension, a deeper way of encountering what we know.


-Jeff Goins

Everybody has a specialty.

What we do at ETC is

fill in the blanks for creative needs.

Our Mission

To create a formal infrastructure intended to magnify the efforts of creatives, with a special emphasis on minorities and the disenfranchised.

Our Vision

A platform which establishes and/or supports the legitimacy of talented local creatives as they strive to enhance their brand and connect with the public, sponsors, and the culture at large.


A Message from Ehkees (Malcolm White - CEO):



If you are from here (Columbus) and still love it, like I do, everything done is in defense of the city’s existence.


- Hanif Abdurraqib.

If you're reading this, then you probably know that I love Columbus with everything in me, but you might not know why. This is the city that I was born and raised in and honestly, it's a great place to live. I see culture and talent and fashion and unapologetic swagger emanating from the streets and the credit goes to the creatives that give texture to the city. 

I'm tryna give something back to them.


The Mission To Shift The Culture

These days, it's cool to be black and say that you are proud to be from Columbus but it didn't use to be that way. When I was growing up, there was very little self-esteem for natives here; we all wanted to be from Chicago, New York, LA, Atlanta or Detroit. Outside of Ohio State, we didn't appear to have much to brag about. As I got older, I realized that a lot of that came because people just didn't know how dope this city was. ESPECIALLY for black folk.

In September 2015, I tweeted that I was on a mission to shift the culture here. I didn't know what that would look like, but I felt the conviction to make it my personal responsibility. Since that time, I helped to bring back FlyPaper Magazine, rebranding it as FPM and centering the focus on providing content that was unapologetically black and intentionally local, original and fresh. I was brought on as the first associate at  Warhol & WALL ST., a black-owned marketing company located in the heart of the Short North where we deliver authentic and meaningful marketing experiences, inspired by people, driven by culture.  I started a podcast with BERN where we talk about hip-hop and black American culture. I chaired the  614Day celebration, where we celebrate local across the city for a whole day, since 2016. I co-founded  Native Tongues, a platform for live creative expression, where the goal was to pay the creatives to share their art. I co-founded Orange Soda, a monthly 2000's party where the goal was to change the party culture in Columbus and bring neo-nostalgic vibes to the people looking for something different. I helped to drive the Columbus Harlem Renaissance at 100 year-long celebration which likened the ongoing arts renaissance here in the city with the one that took place in Harlem a century ago. I co-founded a town hall called  Peer Pressure Columbus to stimulate dialogue about the topics buzzing around the local culture. 


ETC by EhKees

Be clear there's more, but I think that's a healthy snapshot. I don't want to overstate my influence or my impact. I just want to say, I care. A LOT. I don't figure myself as somebody especially unique, but instead, just as someone who chose to give a damn. I don't pretend to be the star or the attraction; I know who the people come to see. I just want to give everything that I can to lend genuine support and create meaningful platforms because I believe that the art in our city matters.

We jokingly say on the teams that I'm apart of that my role is to do all of the miscellaneous stuff and we'd affectionately say all the etc. stuff is done by EhKees. There was more truth to the joke than we realized. I've completely and wholly dedicated my life to doing E.very T.hing for C.olumbus and E.very T.hing for the C.reatives.


Early Adoption is For The Believers. 

I've spent a lot of time and energy with the people of Columbus, observing and listening to what they want and need. I'm working on something and I think it's going to change the game for everybody.  I  believe that I have an idea that can elevate local creatives, connect passionate individuals to one another, create infrastructure AND really transform the city. It's not a simple task, and it's definitely not going to be easy. But I'm thinking I have the gumption to see it through, the audacity to believe it's possible and, most importantly, a strong and capable team around me to help make it happen. I'm realistic in the fact that we might fail, but we're going to try. Really, really hard.

I can guarantee you that if you invest in me, it's an investment in us, and you will be contributing towards a cause that has to ability to shape and change the lives of many, forever.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for considering subscribing.

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